1. Everyone is attractive.

2. Everyone is blonde.

3. Everyone is drinking Carlsberg.

4. Everyone is drunk.

These are the sole four thoughts that went through my mind as I sat on the 1am Metro in to the centre of Copenhagen as I arrived. I met my friends and we have spent the past few days being the ultimate tourists of Denmark which I won’t bore you with.

The history of Copenhagen is possibly the most interesting and beautiful history I have ever learned about and I have completely fallen in love with this city and country. I have been saying to my two friends, Amory and Hayley, that I now have the strongest urge to learn Danish, which I think I might attempt when I return to Aix.

I think these four thoughts that I initially had completely sums up Copenhagen as a city.

If you haven’t been to Copenhagen, go. And go to the Carlsberg museum.

That is all from me now.

À bientot.