1794674_531307837012993_1289425536267942453_nBonjour mes amis,

To those who don’t speak French/don’t live in France, you probably are looking at the title completely clueless. Basically, Beaujolais is a type of wine. And the French have a whole day, the 20th November, dedicated to celebrate it.

Today in my school, I saw the signs for a food and wine party in the teacher’s lounge and something to do with Beaujolais, completely clueless as to what it was going to be. At lunch, one of the teachers proceeded to tell me that it was a whole day to celebrate this particular wine. My first reaction was to tell her how brilliantly French that was, and my second was to make fun of the French for having a whole day dedicated to one specific wine.

Then, I had a realisation.

Scotland basically has a day dedicated to a sheep’s stomach. I think Scotland wins.

Anyway… I am currently off alcohol as I (and also my mother) were beginning to become concerned at my alcohol intake. It is very, very, VERY easy to drink alcohol here as:

1. It’s dirt cheap.

2. Any wine is good wine.

3. I’m in bloody ‘Wine Country’…

I am currently on day two off the alcohol… and I have the shakes (not really, but I could murder a glass of red wine right now). Instead of celebrating with the French, I decided to go on a nice, hard run. And now I feel great (and a little shaky…)

I have lots more fun things to share so ne pas décrocher (stay tuned).