Recently, I’ve been trying to get out more and visit more places local to Aix. One Thursday afternoon, I visited Saint-Rémy, a beautiful, small, Provençal town. Like with Montpellier, I completely fell in love with it, despite it being a chilly December’s day.

We parked the car a little out of town and walking towards the town, I anticipated disappointment as it did not immediately appeal to me. We walked a little further however, and all of a sudden we were amongst beautifully cobbled and well-kept streets with bourgeois boutiques down each side.


Despite that it was winter, plants and flowers were placed outside the houses and shops.


After window shopping at shops I couldn’t afford, and visiting a quaint, unique bookstore, we headed to the main square in the town with La Mairie (the town hall). We discovered from here that this was definitely an artsy town. Galleries dotted all around us, each with original and vastly different types of art, we carried on our window shopping.

Below is my favourite street in Saint-Rémy. It is a slight hill with little cafés and resto’s, boutiques and galleries down each side. It is exactly what you want from a Provençal France street. Even though it’s a small street, you can spend a lot of time on it, exploring the shops and cafés.


After a day of falling in love with this tiny town in my beloved country, and eating Speculoos ice-cream (my absolute favourite), we headed back to the just as wonderful city of Aix-en-Provence. I had the chance to spend a Thursday afternoon in December in a beautiful little town speaking and embracing the language I love. More and more I wonder what I did to deserve this life.

À bientôt.