I have been absent due to my lack of camera. Canon have told me that my camera broke due to ‘the consistency of dropping’ so it was not covered by the guarantee, unfortunately for me as it was only three months old. So, for about the same price as getting it fixed, I decided to just go ahead and buy a new one. I have also been absent due to my lack of interesting things to write about. Coming down from the travel extravaganza that was my winter break, January was pretty travel-less, apart from 30 hours in Poland. I will remember January 2015 as 30 litres of wine and constant fun. January was filled with our part-time roommate, Caro, filling our flat with sweet potatoes, Jacob’s bread, wine and cheese nights. An estimate of around half of the days in January were spent with friends, having an amazing time, and it was excellent (the other half were spent working, lesson-planning and doing Assistante de Langue necessary trucs).

This weekend, for Saint. Valentine, me and Alex decided we’d make another day trip, something we haven’t done in a while, and Martigues seemed like a great idea. Despite the weather, Martigues was very beautiful and I am very excited to get back there in the summer months!

If you have the time, please click on the pictures, you can see them in much better quality, it’s really worth it!

We parked next to l’Étang de Berre, the largest pond/pool with salt water in Europe – and it was breathtaking, especially with the weather as it was.



Next, we headed in to the ‘city centre’, which was completely dead due to the weather. The flashes of lightning and the roaring thunder followed us as we explored a little.


We went to lunch in an unassuming Lebanese restaurant in the main streets which was absolutely glorious. The restaurant was called Guénat’s and if you are ever in Martigues, I would highly recommend it, it really was delicious. We then decided to explore some more, on a very full stomach, and here’s some of what we found…

I assume the main fountain feature of Martigues.


A cute, rustic, old maison situated above a local pharmacy.


The local church.


A view over one of the many rivers flowing through the Venice of France.


A beautiful Provençal street.


Views from the main bridge in Martigues.



Some side streets with beautiful, Provençal houses.






The rainy rivers flowing through the city.




It was an absolutely beautiful trip even though it was raining and as I said, I am really looking forward to returning in the near future!

I have a very busy timetable over the next month and I’m super, duper excited to get back to some serious travelling! This week will be the last week of work before our next two week holiday break and I can’t wait. In the first week, I’m heading to Amsterdam (for the fifth time) and then Barcelona. Then, I am overly excited for my Mamie to come (again) and for my Uncle Michael to come as well, so we can explore Aix and hopefully some surrounding cities. Then, the weekend after the holidays, I am heading to Sicily! I have a trip back to Scotland booked for a concert and a wedding (too excited!!), and then Alex will be joining me for lots of travel around Scotland hopefully so I can show a Frenchman the Scottish way. So, stay tuned for more exciting adventures and hopefully this time, my camera will hold up for a little while longer.

À bientôt!