I’ve found myself in a little slump over the past few weeks. Desperate to finish this semester (which I have now finished, and I have two weeks of fun ahead!!), I found myself lying in bed in the warmth a lot more instead of exploring.

A beautiful street in the centre of Aix which has my favourite Salon de Thé, Coco Bohème.

On Tuesday of this week, the 17th, I decided to go for a little exploration in search of the sunset. If you don’t know, the sunset in the South of France is one of the best, and each day, the sunrise and the sunset are different to the next. I find myself never looking at the same sky, it’s wonderful.

My apartment is beautiful, that I cannot argue with. However, I don’t really have a view. I have a view in to my wonderful street which I sometimes admire for long lengths of time, watching the relaxed motions of people making their way to dinner or to a bar in the evenings, or heading to the salon de thés where they can relax with tea and shisha. But as I said, I can’t really see much. I actually had to walk for around ten minutes to even make it to a point where the sun hit my face due to the ‘high rise’ buildings in the city centre of Aix.
As I made it out of the official city centre, which isn’t large in any sense (I find it hilarious when my students say they are going to “downtown Aix”), I started to head uphill.

In order to reach a point where I could photograph the sunset clearly, I needed to go up hill, A LOT. I also had no idea where I was going. I literally stuck my workout gear on, put my camera in my pocket and decided I wanted to chase the sunset. I turned at any corner that I saw the ground rise in order to get to the highest point possible.
Eventually, I reached a point where I couldn’t go any higher without going on to motorway road. I decided to stop there and revel in the moment. For the first time in a little while, I felt at peace and content with where I was.

The descent, facing the sunset, allowed me to see the views that I had my back to on my way up. It really was beautiful. I hope you enjoy more pictures below.





À bientôt!