This is a small travel blog series on Barcelona. This is the final part out of four;

  • Sagrada Familia, Arc de Triomf and Parc de la Ciutadella
  • Port Vell, Parc de Montjuïc and the Font Màjica de Montjuïc
  • Park Guëll
  • Ciutat Vella, el Gòtic and La Ramblas

Rather than my usual blog type stuff, these will be more informational and tailored to those wanting to explore Barcelona. I am not an expert on anything in Barcelona, these are just my opinions of what is worth a visit and what is not.

Ciutat Vella & el Gòtic

10917122_609484409195335_3951758688242049196_oThis is the “old city” area in Barcelona and is a must-see. It includes the ‘el Gòtic’ area which is the gothic quarter of Barcelona. I would set around half a day (maybe add a couple of hours for a lovely, long lunch) to explore this beautiful area. The streets are tall and narrow, with elegant boutiques (and sometimes tacky boutiques) filling each side.

The area is also host to churches, cathedrals, mini palaces and even a couple of museums. Before you go, I would research which of these you would like to go in to.

Despite there being many different things to visit in this area, it’s worth it just to wander and get lost and eventually find yourself back on a main street. The architecture around the area is beautiful – even more so when the weather is beautiful. Even though there are a lot of tourists bustling around, I found this area very peaceful to just appreciate and think.


La Ramblas

La Ramblas runs down the centre of Ciutat Vella. It is basically one long street which has different sections: La Rambla de les Flors (The Flowers Rambla) is devoted to flower stands, an other Rambla is devoted to animal vendors (selling mainly birds), and the lowest Rambla hosts temporary art fairs. At the top of La Ramblas, you will find the Plaça Catalunya, which is a breathtakingly large square filled with lots of tourists (and lots of birds).


The beautiful El Mercat de Sant Josep – also known as La Boqueria – is situated on this street and is highly worth a wander. Full of fresh fruit and vegetables, at very low prices, you instantly feel envious of anyone who lives within walking distance of the market.


As soon as you walk in through the entrance, you find vendors trying to get you to buy their fresh fruit juices. There are so many flavours to choose from and so many different colours of juice, I immediately felt the urge to drink gallons upon gallons of fruit juice. In the end, I opted for my favourite fruit, mango!


As you stroll through, you’ll find an unbelievable amount of stalls filled with every fresh produce you could ever need. My favourites were the dried fruit stands.


Once you manage to drag yourself out of La Boqueria, you can enjoy strolling down La Ramblas even more. Despite there being a lot of tacky shops, it’s a stunning, lively street with lots of people and window shopping available.


This is the final part to the four part guide to Barcelona. I hope you have enjoyed reading about the sights in Barcelona and I hope you enjoy your trip there! Make sure to buy tickets online where necessary beforehand, and give yourself enough time to explore everything.

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