Over the most recent school holidays, my beautiful gran (Mamie as I call her) and uncle decided to come and visit me for the week in Aix-en-Provence. Since we had rented a car for a few days, we decided to do some exploring in Provence. We picked up some brochures at the local hotel and saw that there was a paid trip that you could take to several villages nearby. Instead of paying the €100 each, we decided to just drive there by ourselves and look around at our leisure.

The three villages we visited were;

  1. Lourmarin
  2. Bonnieux
  3. Roussillon


Lourmarin was a very small but beautiful town with a grand castle (that we didn’t visit). There lots of little boutiques on petite side streets and it’s beautiful to stroll.





Never mind the actual village of Bonnieux, the drive to it was stunningly twisty inbetween the rocks of the Provence.


Then we reached the village which had INCREDIBLE views, particularly of Mont Vont Tout. We stood just looking at everything we could see and trying to comprehend the distance that was in front of our eyes.



We also stopped for lunch in this restaurant which turned out to be one of the most delicious lunches I’ve ever had. After doing a little research, this town seems to have quite a few michelin restaurants so is good for the foodies.



We then moved on to Roussillon which is the ‘city of colours’ and the pictures speak for themselves.





All in all, this was such a great day trip. I can imagine it would be good to do it with a tour provided by Aix itself, however driving around at our own will was really relaxing and despite missing one of the towns on the original tour, we explored some lovely areas which I would definitely go back to visit. If you’re in the provence area, I’d make a day trip if you can.