The more I live in France, the more I learn about the little things. Every day, I pick up a new word or phrase from either books, TV shows or speaking to my French friends/boyfriend.

The most recent and the most interesting thing I learned was the French version of the game ‘he loves me, he loves me not’. After doing a little research, this game actually originated in France and (if you had nothing else to do in Primary school and don’t know what this is) it is where you pick the petals off a flower and whatever you say as you pick the last petal, that is the truth of how your lover/the person you’re fawning after/the ultimate boyband member feels about you. And it is the truth. The game always tells the truth – otherwise it would be pointless, right?

Anyway, I find the French version of this highly interesting. In English, as we pick the petals off the flower, the two options are ‘he loves me’ and ‘he loves me not’. Pretty simple.

Here’s a breakdown of the French options:

– Il/elle m’aime… un peu (a little)

– Il/elle m’aime… beaucoup (a lot)

– Il/elle m’aime… passionnément (passionately)

– Il/elle m’aime… à la folie (madly)

– Il/elle m’aime… pas du tout (not a lot)

I think this perfectly sums up the French. Highly dramatic and passionate with romance, giving an 80% chance that the person will love you compared with the 50% chance of the English version.

If anyone’s interested, my wonderful boyfriend only loves me ‘beaucoup’, despite him telling me he loves me ‘à la folie’. But the game never lies…

À bientôt!