Today I want to talk about blogging, as you can tell from the title. I don’t have a particularly large following on WordPress and I started this just to document my time living in France for my family and friends. My blog has developed hugely since then, and I’ve found a love for ‘writing’ down my ideas and being able to share them.

I would say I’m generally quite a creative person and I’ve tried blogging (in diary form) numerous times before. I have a diary from when I was around 8 or 9 years old that has no real structure and talks about the issues I had with the Sims on my computer game. I also spoke about how infuriating my parents were. From there, for some unknown reason, I decided to write two sentences in a teeny diary every day for 2009. The memory of this had completely disappeared until I found it one day and realised I actually wrote a little every single day! I was quite surprised, as for a 15 to commit to something like that is quite incredible. Then, school exams and pressure came around and sucked every last piece of creativity out of my body and I have no diaries until just last year, when I kept an irregular journal, to express my thoughts and feelings at the time.

I find all of these incredibly interesting to read back on and I have always craved to be one of those people who can write in a journal every day. My mind is constantly thinking and theorising yet when I take a pen and paper, the thoughts go away (and my hand hurts after one page).

For me, I’ve found it’s much easier to write on a computer, and I always have done. A very recent example of this; I had no idea what I was actually going to write about when I typed ‘blogging’ in to the title, and now my mind is flowing. I don’t get this kind of brain wave when I write on paper. Is that just me?

The main thing I realised I wanted to talk about was actually an article I read one or two days ago (I’ve been reading a loooot of articles recently). Funnily enough, it’s actually a fitness one and nothing related to blogging, but I feel it fits in to this blog post quite well.

As I mentioned above, the reason that I started this blog is because I wanted to share my experiences with my family, friends, and others who were in the same situation or were going to be in the future. However, more recently I’ve been thinking about it more deeply, and I’ve been questioning why I felt the need to start a blog, why couldn’t I just chat to people about my experiences instead?

The article stated that we do things for several reasons:

  • Personal Experience: “Have I done this before?”
  • Vicarious Experience: “Well if that person like me can do it, I can do it.”
  • Social Persuasion: “These people cheering me on seem to think I can do it, so I bet I can.”
  • Physiological Factors: “Is my body up to this? Are those butterflies in my stomach good or bad?”

Now, the only one that actually relates to me starting to blog is the vicarious experience option. My personal experience of blogging was pretty small and uninteresting. No-one really seemed to care that I was starting a blog until they realised I could actually write quite well and I didn’t ask myself any deep physiological questions when I decided to start a blog. However, I definitely think that if I hadn’t found the other bloggers so useful before I came to France, I wouldn’t have created this blog.

Perhaps that’s a bad thing, but it doesn’t matter, because now I’ve found a new passion in sharing ideas and experiences and I’m really grateful that I even had a push to start it. I now read more blogs from those around the world and it’s a fun and casual way to listen to the ideas and experiences of others you might not get the chance to read about otherwise.

I hope that one day I can affect people in a positive light through my blogging and that I continue to interest people as my blog develops, and I can’t wait to see the direction that my blog will take through out the following years.

This is part of a new series of mine. I will be talking about a subject from A-Z twice a week.

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B: Blogging: why do we blog?

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D: Deep Thinking: what does being a deep thinker entail?

E: English vs. French Eating Habits

F: Friendship: friendships on a year abroad

G: Green Grass: feeling lost in your 20’s

H: How I Spend A Typical Day in France

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J: July: best July ever!

K: Kissing: kissing in France

L: Leaving Aix

M: Montagne Saint-Victoire

N: Nostalgia: looking back at my first post

O: Officers in Kavos

P: Preparing for University: what I’ve been up to since leaving France

Q: Quitting: why do we quit and what are the consequences?

R: Réhabituation: mes expériences avec la déménagement

S: Skinny: being skinny isn’t everything

T: Ted Talks: reclaiming your body discussion

U: Unwind With: All The Light We Cannot See, Anthony Doerr – A Review

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Article source: The surprisingly simply, enjoyable way to make weight loss stick.