When I’m working or studying, obviously my days would be very structured. However, at the moment, I’ve finished my contract and I’m just staying in France to be with my boyfriend, so I have a hell of a lot of free time, which has it’s advantages and disadvantages. At first, I was bored and didn’t really know what to do with myself. More recently, I’ve realised how little time left I have in France this summer before university as I have a lot of planned travel. So, I’ve been enjoying my free time and filling it with the things I love to do.

When I Wake Up I usually go outside on the balcony for ten minutes and get some sun on my face.


I recently got this long oversized t-shirt for sleeping as my boyfriend tends to wake me up when I’m super tired, which is always, because I am not a morning person.


From morning until early afternoon, I tend to do stuff on my laptop. If I’m feeling productive, I’ll write blogs or do some French reading. If not (which is most mornings), I’ll watch Youtube or videos on Netflix. Here’s the desk area where I spend most of this time, which has all my essentials.


After lunch, I start my day doing some real work. My focus right now is getting my French up to scratch for restarting university. I’ve read a lot of French this summer but right now I’m reading the largest book I’ve ever read in French, it has 1000 pages. It’s incredible to see how far my French has come since reading this is just like reading an English book now. I have another six (short) books to read for the upcoming year which I’ve also started to read and take notes on but I haven’t really put much effort in to reading recently which is disappointing. However, so far this is a great book.



More recently I’ve also started learning Italian and I’m making very good progress with the learning. I go to Italy tomorrow (yay!) and I feel quite confident that I’ll be able to have simple conversation with locals. I’m thinking about doing an Italian course when I return to Scotland which will help it improve more which is exciting! I absolutely love learning languages, and whilst this is a challenge, Italian is very similar to French and so I’ve been learning it at a much faster pace than French. However, I still feel myself wanting to write in French when I start to study it. But we’ll see!


If I’m not doing any of my studying for French or Italian, I’ll go to the park closest to my apartment and sit and read and sunbathe and chill out for a while.

Every day I try to get some form of sport in. Unfortunately, it’s too hot to run at the moment (and I refuse to wake up at 7am to run) so I either do a HIIT workout from Fitness Blender in my apartment, or I’ll walk to the gym and do spinning or weight training. I never force myself to workout if I’m not feeling it at all but I do it most days and I am really enjoying working out at the moment. I’m looking forward to going back to my gym at home when I return in August.

À bientôt!

This is part of a new series of mine. I will be talking about a subject from A-Z twice a week.

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