Me in Lucca, Italy this month!


It’s J today. Yay for having Jennifer as a name. I’d like to talk about myself for roughly 1000 words but we’ll save that for later. I think it’s quite fitting to talk about July since we’re getting really close to the end of this special month.

July has been a pretty crazy month and possibly better than any other July I’ve ever had. Since I turned 15, I’ve worked throughout my whole summer, not giving me much time for fun. However this year’s different, very different. This is all thanks to numerous factors: my boyfriend wanting to keep me around for free, the very generous French government, the very generous Erasmus grant, having a nice salary throughout the year etc.

Here’s my July split down in to facts:

July 2015 – 744 hours

  • 310 hours – sleeping
  • 62 hours – eating
  • 40 hours – studying Italian
  • 39 hours – watching Orange is the New Black on Netflix
  • 31 hours – cuddling in bed
  • 24 hours – relaxing in Parc Jourdan
  • 20 hours – working out
  • 17 hours – reading
  • 15 hours – studying French
  • 10 hours – kissing
  • 6 hours – working

My favourite thing about this list is that working is the category with the least hours.

However, there are 176 hours missing from my calculations. Where have they gone? Well… I was in a chalet with friends for a few days and I’ve spent the last ten days in Italy so my calculations are pretty accurate of how I’ve spent my time whilst still in Aix. I’m truly relishing every moment I have of free time because I know that when September comes around, I’ll have tons of university work to get on with and I’ll never have a moment free.

July is also quite an important month for me because it’s my last full month of living in Aix. My last flight back to Scotland will be the 12th August, exactly eleven and a half months after I moved to France. I truly can’t believe this experience is coming to an end already. It feels like I moved here yesterday and now it’s almost over.

This month I’ve also done a lot with my blog that I’m really happy about. I still have a lot of photos to edit, and a lot of stuff I want to write about for my trip with Italy, but I feel like my content is getting more interesting and can relate to others out with the people that know me, which is exciting for me. My blog following is growing quite nicely and I get random traffic everyday. It’s really cool to see all the different countries that people are reading my blogs from! Also, yesterday I reached the 100 likes mark, yay!

So, to conclude, July for me has been a lot of travel, writing, reading, being in love, tanning, seeing family and trying to get my summer body in shape. And I’ve loved every day of it!

Can’t wait to see where I am next July.

À bientôt!

This is part of a new series of mine. I will be talking about a subject from A-Z twice a week.

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