Today I have quite a funny story for you for letter O of my A-Z challenge.

As some of you may not know, Kavos is one of the party places that Brits flock to every summer. We went to another one of these places, Malia, last year and had an incredible time and thought that this would be our last year so we better make the most of it.

11950419_1034317303269429_2825676783661290407_oWe ended up having the best week of our entire lives. (and it’s definitely not going to be our last time there)


Anyone British reading this will hear the word ‘Kavos’ and think about 17 year olds rolling on the ground, unable to see because of the amount of alcohol they’ve drunk. They’ll also think about the several news article per year they hear of teenagers dying from doing stupid stuff due to the levels of alcohol consumed. Kavos is also known as one of the more ‘tacky’ places to go, Ibiza and Zante being the ‘posher’ places to go.

Kavos is heaven. Absolute heaven. Everyone’s there to drink and have fun. No one cares what you look like or how badly you speak or how many ridiculously stupid things you can do in one week. In fact, the more stupid you are, the better. That’s why the atmosphere there is indescribably incredible. Every night brings a new experience, a new sunset to watch and a new stumble home at nine in the morning after another insane night.


Anyway, I want to talk about a specific experience that happened on this holiday. First of all, I need to tell you how we ended up in a police station in Greece.


It’s not as crazy as it sounds, everyone’s insane there so no matter what you do, you’re never going to get lifted for it. However, me and Eilidh were both pretty stupid with our phones and ended up losing them. I lost mines on the second night, when I decided it would be a fun idea to go skinny dipping in the sea and leave all my possessions on the beach. They decided to take my bag (with my phone, some money, my bank card and my mac makeup) and also my t-shirt. This resulted in me having to walk up the strip in my bikini top, shorts and without any dignity. Anyone who knows me knows I never wear a bra, so I was unbelievably lucky to be wearing a bikini top that night. Eilidh lost hers much more conservatively, when a stupid gypsy decided to pickpocket it off her right in the middle of the strip with all of us around her. We stood up to her and stared at her drunkenly angrily for twenty minutes before we decided it was no use and went and danced and got more drunk!

The next day, we knew we had to head to the police station to get a statement for our insurance companies, so we took a taxi to the police station in the next town. This is where it got a bit weird.


We discovered that the police system in Greece is awful and the complete opposite of back home in Scotland. Obviously they accept everything that goes on in the strip, half of it probably illegal, so I don’t know why I expected the station to be a bit more formal.


We walked in to this battered building which looked like it hadn’t been decorated since it was built in the 1800s. We were taken to a room with no security cameras and the papers all over the place by a policeman who looked the same age as us. The officer was literally our age, perhaps a couple of years older. I swear to god, the thought crossed my mind that his dad must be a policeman in order for him to be a policeman that young.

They must have hungover Brits coming in all the time to report stolen goods but he seemed to take a fancy to us. In particular, my chest. Anyway, he went through all the paperwork excruciatingly slowly meanwhile flirting with us. He asked us all about what we’d been doing since we’d been there, and what clubs we’d been to, and where we’d be going that night. Can you imagine a policeman in Britain or America doing that?! The guy was basically wanting us to invite him out with us!

In our hungover states, me and Eilidh started talking about the most hilarious thing; I’m not even going to bother explaining because it’s not even funny, it was just the hangover that made it funny. We started laughing hysterically, both of us literally crying and unable to stop laughing. I was worried this would look bad to the officer but to both of our shock, all he said was “aww, I want to laugh with you guys”! We were literally almost on the floor crippled from laughing in the police station and the officer said he wanted to join in! Sadly when we tried to explain the joke to him, he didn’t really understand.

After the hilarity of the situation, we calmed down a bit and kept waiting for him to speed up! I watched him mess up the date on the form three times to which he explained, “everyone makes mistakes” and on our way out from the police station, he had to call us back because he’d forgotten to ask us to do something.

11873353_10153444464886251_6678912230916897685_nI don’t know if this would’ve happened had we had a real adult in the police station but I still can’t get over how informal and relaxed the whole situation was. I didn’t even feel safe in the police station because the building could’ve fallen in on us at any point and there was no form of security camera anywhere!


If you’re ever in Greece, try to avoid doing anything stupid because the police system is not exactly outstanding.

Despite that though, it was hilarious and definitely an experience. I had the most amazing holiday and met the best people possible. I can’t wait for a crazy weekend in Newcastle with the girls!

À bientôt

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