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I can’t believe it’s December already, it’s creeped up on me pretty fast with the hectic-ness of university life. However, I managed to ruffle up £10 and booked a flight to Norway one night as I watched my brother pack for his nine month trip to Australia (the travel bug hit me a bit hard!).

Me and my (beautiful) friend Cathy looked around for Airbnb’s and found a nice one pretty central and cheap compared to the rest of the options. We packed our bags and got excited for our cold and fun trip ahead!

Oslo was pretty damn cool – in both senses of the word. We arrived pretty late the night of our arrival and were both pretty tired. But that didn’t stop us, and we decided to get on Tinder to meet some people from the city. We changed our profiles to a photo of us, saying that we wanted to meet for drinks with locals. Ten minutes later, we got a message from a Norwegian guy and his friends in a bar ten minutes away from us.

An hour later, we were drinking a €100 bottle of wine and £9 pints of beer with people dancing very weirdly in the open space next to our table. This ‘weird’ dancing, I realised later, seems to be the Norwegian way of dancing on a night out. For a woman, this involves grinding as sexily as you can on a man, and for a man, this involves basically jumping up and down and pushing everyone around you.

Anyway, we headed to a club just down the road from the bar and waited in a queue for half an hour. Everyone seemed a bit desperate to get inside and there was a ratio of around 1:7 of women to men and pretty much all the men were in suits. Eventually, we got in to the club and they played a lot of old English music and classics like the Macarena and Cotton Eye Joe.

It was a really fun night, and one thing I did notice, is that there’s no greasy fast food to soak up the alcohol at the end of the night when it’s most necessary! So we slumped into our airbnb and prepared ourselves for the five fun-filled days ahead of us!

We woke up in the morning a little rougher and later than expected, but managed to feed ourselves and head out for the day. Even just walking around the city was incredible, and we saw some beautiful sights…






We stumbled upon presumably the most famous Christmas market in Oslo, which we went strolled down several times, gazing at all the lovely stalls with the wonderful foods and gifts (and a talking reindeer)…





After that, we headed down to the pier area, right at sunset, where we saw the most beautiful sunset…




After that, we headed home and had a very funny experience with Tinder guys (which Cathy talks about on her blog), and the next few days were filled with lots of walking, museums, bars, frost bite, Christmassy stuff, funny statues, wheelchair accidents & happiness!

I’m not going to go in to detail about our whole trip, but we had a fabulous time, and here’s some more beautiful photos from the wonderful city of Oslo!






And some photos from the Vigeland Park, a must-see when visiting Oslo!









À bientôt!