Today’s a pretty exciting day in Britain and tobacco/lottery counters are full of people wanting the biggest ever Lotto jackpot of £57.8 million tonight. Me and one of my great friends, Gen, spent a tenner on five draws and I’m pretty nervous and excited. My chances of winning are tiny (massively tinier than tiny), but all I’ve done since buying the ticket is dream about what I’d do.

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I’ve put a lot of thought into this, so here’s the first five things I’d do with my half of the draw over the next couple of days…

  1. I’d scream and cry with happiness and probably not get any sleep for the next 24 hours.
  2. I’d offer my parents a certain amount of money to pay off their mortgage and buy them one way tickets to Australia (my mum just read this next to me and laughed out loud. What I meant is that I’d buy them tickets back whenever they’re ready to come back!)
  3. I’d look at luxury flats in Glasgow to buy.
  4. I’d send money to my brother in Australia so that he could just travel instead of work for the next 8 months.
  5. I’d book a flight to New York for the next month for me and my family.
  6. (I know I said 5 things, but I can’t resist) I’d buy a personal trainer and personal chef.

And here’s things I’d do within the year:

  1. I’d put 90% of it in savings, with help from a financial advisor (with the goal to give a lot of money to charities in the future with interest/investment profits)
  2. I’d move in to (buy not rent of course) a crazy beautiful flat in the West End of Glasgow with any of my friends who wanted to move in with me rent free.
  3. I’d have a lot of crazy nights and trips away with my closest friends.
  4. I’d spent most weekends visiting friends across Europe and America.
  5. I’d travel Japan and Australia in the summer.

So, when I win tonight, I’ve decided what I’d do when my heads a lot clearer. Smart, right?

À bientôt (with an extra £28.9 million)