There’s never been an iPhone release, since the 3, that I haven’t been excited about. Until now.

I’m not a techy person really, and don’t religiously follow any tech companies like Apple, but this caught my eye today after it came up on my Facebook food. I do however own lots of Apple products, and I’ve bought an iPhone 6 and a new Macbook in the past year!

The iPhone SE will be the new iPhone released this March and it will be a 4 inch phone. This is compared to the 4.7 inch 6 and the 5.5 inch 6 plus iPhones.

Apple are marketing this product as ‘the best 4 inch phone out there’. However, when they went bigger with the iPhone 6, I feel like they created and got on to the ‘big’ phone hype. And that worked for them, massively.

The whole idea of having a phone with a larger screen was a huge part of their marketing for the 6 and they’ve just completely gone back on it. To me, having a bigger phone is what’s ‘in’ right now. Consumers are enjoying bigger phones for more multimedia use and getting the overload of information that we’re now addicted to.

I just don’t get what going back to small does to benefit the consumer. Yeah, if you want to run, you can strap it to your arm. But, we do that for maybe one hour a day. The rest of the time we’re using it to gain information, check our social medias, look at photos and watch videos. We want to see the photos as large and in as good resolution as possible, we want to watch videos as large as possible on a handheld device. Plus, those who play games want the best gaming experience possible, and bigger is better.

The whole marketing campaign is confusing to me, and is probably confusing to a lot of their consumers. I’ll be very interested to see what their sales are like compared to previous releases.

Personally, this was a mistake on Apple’s part. Bigger is better, Apple. C’mon.

À bientôt!