[A quick pre note to this blog post: trying to only pick certain photos was an nightmare – Vienna is too photogenic! I’ve also edited NONE of these photos, it’s beauty doesn’t need edited]

Thanks to my wonderful father, our family enjoyed a trip to Vienna in Austria this week. The hype has been building since he told us on Christmas Day and now that I’m back in my bed (very ill might I add) in Glasgow, I’m feeling a little down about getting back to reality. Today I’ve been to the gym, done hours of work, done two washing loads and got mentally prepared for the week, more than I achieved the whole week we were in Vienna!

But we achieved a very different kind of thing in Vienna. We gained a great insight in to the Austrian beauty and culture – which is much more exciting than uni work! Vienna is truly the most beautiful city I’ve ever visited. That’s a pretty huge statement considering I’ve travelled quite a bit. But it’s true – Vienna is absolutely stunning. We arrived to beautiful weather and walked a hell of a lot in our four day trip – we even managed a trip to Bratislava in Slovakia!

Vienna is definitely a city that you just want to walk around and take in all the beauty. We’d planned to see specific things, as you do, but found ourselves constantly getting sidetracked by the incredible architecture around every corner.





After a couple of hours of exploring and lunching, we had a little lie down under the sun in the Heldenplatz…



After that, we strolled towards another park, the Stadtpark on the other side of Vienna. The park is split by a Danube river canal!



Both parks were stunning and definitely worth visiting. Both very different, the first one being more studenty since it was right next to the university, and the second being more family friendly. The parks were one of my favourite things about Vienna, and I pictured myself reading a book and drinking coffee in summer, basking in the sun.

Looking through my next one hundred or so pictures, all I see is incredible buildings. It would truly be under-exaggerating to say that Vienna had lots to do. There is so much going on and so many incredible buildings to see that you’d need to live there in order to make the most out of it! Here’s some of the main places around town:

One of my favourite parts of our trip was visiting the local coffee shops. The traditional coffee shops in Vienna are quite unique and they have a very 50s feel to them. The locals come in the morning until around midday to sip their espressos and read the daily newspaper and there’s not many tourists in sight. One that we visited was the café Braünerhof where we had traditional Viennese cakes and beautiful coffee.


That night was spent having traditional Viennese food outdoors (eating outdoors – ahh!!) in the calm Spring evening. It was wonderful.

The next day, after exploring and eating (shock!), we managed to stumble upon a theme park which we didn’t even know existed. My dad wanted to visit a famous ferris wheel from a film, and turns out it was a theme park with a lovely beer garden. We could picture it being mobbed on a weekend in summer, but it was pretty derelict in mid-week Spring. However, we found a beer garden and had some Viennese sausages and beer!




On our way back from the theme park we took the metro, and found ourselves in the area where we’d be booking our boat to Bratislava the next day. We also found some incredible street art that I just have to share! There was a strip along the river front that was about two miles and was covered in street art the whole way – it’s stunning! There’s such a variety of styles and colours and I took way too many photos in the area…

That night we decided to skip the Viennese food and have some Italian – you couldn’t eat Viennese food for the rest of your life, that’s for sure! We stumbled upon a restaurant called Firenze that looked really nice the day before and had agreed we’d go there. It’s very unfortunate that the restaurant was so empty the whole evening because the food was beautiful. Smaller portions with incredible, home-cooked, real Italian food and a brilliant setting makes this restaurant a must visit in Vienna.

The next thing on the list after we’d returned from Bratislava was to climb the cathedral to see views of Vienna. Sadly, the weather had turned for the worst by this time, but there was still some incredible views over the city.





With around two hours left to explore the city, me and my dad rushed around Mozart’s house and the museum of music, which are both INCREDIBLE. I can’t express how interesting both of these places are and a whole day could easily be spent between the two.


That night, we went to the Sky Bar which gave us views over the rooftops of Vienna and sipped on cocktails. We’d prebooked (luckily) a restaurant called Loca which was on the outskirts of the old town. We had a six course meal and a bottle of wine for a relatively decent price and my god. The. Food. Was. Incredible. Proper food, proper wine, great staff and great atmosphere. Incredible.

And that was it. We went to bed, and twelve hours later we were back in rainy Scotland.

The next three weeks for me will consist of eating healthily, going to the gym, spending six hours a day in the library and mentally preparing myself for moving to Paris. Yup, I’m moving to Paris.

À bientôt!