So I’ve decided that I’ll be writing a blog post on the first day of every month this summer (on top of all my other exciting posts to come!) because this summer is going to be pretty interesting.

In almost exactly 24 hours from now, I’ll be flying back to France. I have no real plans for what I’ll be doing, I have no plans of where I’ll be staying, and I certainly have no clue where I’ll be a month from now.

Whilst this thought fills me with fear (and has kept me up for numerous sleepless nights), it also fills me with excitement. The thought of getting back to France, and being able to use the language and have some sunshine (!!) makes me pretty damn happy.

Also, I get to see some of my Aix friends again before I have to start really stressing, so that’s pretty damn exciting. Basically, I’m staying with my friend Hayley until the 6th in Aix-en-Provence. My plans for Aix are catch up with everyone that I haven’t seen since I left in August, drink a lot of wine, eat a lot of Jacob’s bread and chill out in Parc Jourdan (all my favourite Aix things). Then on the 6th, me and Hayley will be going to Bordeaux for the weekend, where I’m frantically going to search for a job, and fit in being a tourist as well.

My plans for whether to stay in the South or head up to the thrilling metropolis that is Paris changes on a daily basis. One day, I decide I want to go to Paris to do the interview I have lined up. Then I freak out about the costs and realities of living in Paris. So, I go back to my idea of a quiet Southern French lifestyle. Life’s tough isn’t it?…

Truly though, it’s a scary decision to be making because not only do I not know the outcome of my decisions, it might be a monumental waste of time and money. However, I’m trying to keep my goals in mind:

  1. Speak French to a level where I can comfortably gain an A+ mark in my final exams.
  2. Have time to write my dissertation on top of working.

Now I just need to decide where best I can do those things, what I have to sacrifice in order to do them, and whether or not I have the options to even carry these out depending on jobs etc. etc.

So, I have a plan until the 8th May. On that fateful day, I will need to decide what I want to do, how to spend as little money as possible in achieving my goals and, of course, the best way of achieving them.

Easy, n’est-ce pas?

After the 8th May, I still have absolutely no clue what the answer to those questions will be and therefore, I can’t wait to see my 1st of June post.

À bientôt!

On 1st May 2016, I decided to write a blog post on the first day of each month (at least throughout the summer) to kind of pinpoint this period of my life, which I’m spending living in the city of Bordeaux. The only condition to this series is that I must read my previous post before I write the new one.

Here’s the full series:

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