I’ve always dreamed about writing a post saying I’ve been to this place, and here I am.

I went to Saint Emilion – eek!

Since I first moved to France and got a taste for wine, I’ve been in love with Saint Emilion. It’s my favourite type of wine and I’ve always wanted to learn more about it and it’s wine, and of course give the wee town a visit.

On the 20th July 2016, I had that chance, and I literally couldn’t have dreamt of doing it with a better person or in any better way. I’ll start from the beginning.

I learned that my Australian friend Alex, who I hadn’t seen since 2009, was coming over to Europe around December last year. At this point, I had no idea I’d be living in France during the summer of this year but was still just as excited to see him. A few weeks ago, plans were finalised for him to come and visit me in Bordeaux, where I’ve been spending the past few months working and living.

The only thing I truly wanted to do when I decided on Bordeaux, as my family will vouch for, was visit Saint Emilion. Considering I have had to work 40 hour plus weeks from the moment I moved, I hadn’t yet set aside the time to do it properly, wether by myself or with friends. I now believe that it was meant to be because me and Alex did it justice.

The week before Alex came, it came to me that we could go to Saint Emilion and I started making rough plans for it by checking out buses etc. However, when I got my work timetable for the week, it showed I’d be working every day he was here during the day. I was gutted – not only would I only see Alex at nights but we wouldn’t be able to go to Saint Emilion either.

However, I went in on Monday, thinking it was only for a couple of hours but ended up having to work the whole day, meaning of course one of my days later in the week would now be free! It was fate.

I was told that night that I’d have Wednesday off and Alex was arriving Tuesday night. As his taxi rolled up to the bar I work at on Tuesday night, we sat, drank, chatted & smoked until 4am before rolling in to bed in preparation for our big day out the next day.

We stepped off the train in what seemed like the middle of nowhere, after the last 10 minutes of our train ride being spent gazing out on the endless vineyards surrounding the region.

We had no idea that the train station would be a 10 minute uphill walk to the actual town, but we didn’t care (and got slightly photo happy)…

Even the walk up to the town, we literally could not stop saying ‘oh my god’. We were both in utter shock. I certainly knew it would be pretty, but not THAT pretty, and Alex thought I was taking him to a little wine town, not the most beautiful town in France.





When we finally reached the town, we headed our hungry, and slightly hungover, selves straight for lunch. We stumbled upon a little courtyard, with an extremely overpriced menu, and plopped ourselves down.

Oh my dear paws, oh my fur and whiskers (get it?), was this a meal. This was the mother of all meals. The God Meal.

We spent two hours drinking the most beautiful bottle of wine, eating the most glorious food, amazed that this experience was even happening. A day like this was already too amazing to exist.

After that, we spent time wandering the twisting, stony streets of Saint Emilion, taking in the beautiful views over the rooftops.





And of course, it wouldn’t be one of the most well-known wine towns in probably the widest-known wine region in the world without views of vineyards in the background…



And of course, we couldn’t have seen all of that without spending €400 on wine to send back to Australia for Alex plus €80 on wine for ourselves for the rest of the week, whilst acting like we were wine connoisseurs to pretentious, desperate sellers…



It was so quintessential French I can’t even explain. It’s every American lover of France’s dream. It’s what you think of when you think of France. It’s just real France.

I don’t think any one who reads this will understand what this day truly meant to me. Every second of that day I was as happiest as can be, and I truly could not have asked for anyone I’d prefer to spend it with. Thank you Saint Emilion and thank you Alex for one of the best days of my life.

Let’s see my next blog post try and top this one, ha!

À bientôt!