When you think of a typical British day by the sea side, Arcachon is not that at all.

I’ve been to numerous beaches and seaside towns in Britain and in France. I’ve been lucky enough to travel quite a lot of France and along the Mediterranean coast, where a lot of the smaller towns are very similar. However, moving to the West of France having not explored a lot of it, Arcachon definitely took me by surprise.

Arcachon, as my first landlady in Bordeaux enlightened me numerous times, it is it’s own kind of place. I’ve visited a few beaches near Bordeaux during this summer, but there’s something about Arcachon that sticks with you. There’s something quite bourgeois and rich about it, yet it’s still very accessible, if that makes any sense. As in, it feels very fancy and clean, yet drinks and food’s cheap and it’s very family friendly.

You get off the bus and, like in most towns in France, the bus station’s never in the nicest part of town. You see typical Southern French apartment buildings without much pizzazz. However, strolling towards the sea you start to get a better idea of what the town’s really like.

Me and Hannah decided to go on a bit of a wander before actually heading towards the sea side and stumbled upon some beautiful architecture and, very surprisingly, a park that was filled with Frenchies playing pétanque everywhere. Apparently, we’d stumbled upon a Boules festival of some sort.




We strolled around for a bit before heading towards the main beach. Sadly, we hadn’t taken towels or anything with us but we sat on the ledge for a while looking out over the gorgeous sea.



After stopping for a quick cocktail and basking in the sun, Hannah looked online and remembered that there was a nicer beach twenty minutes walk on the outskirts of town. We headed in that direction and stumbled upon the most lovely bar sitting on La Pereire beach.


We were lying down, drinking lovely beer and tanning ourselves whilst looking out on the beach on a gorgeous day. It was so unbelievably perfect and we were so chilled out. In true Hannah and Jenny style, we ended up staying for a few more pints and ended up getting just a taddddd tipsy. We genuinely just couldn’t bring ourselves to leave the bar and beach because it was so gorgeous.




However, we eventually headed back towards the town, drunkenly trying to hitchhike, and had a lovely meal in a restaurant in the centre of town.

We hopped on the train and ended up singing 90s tunes on the train journey back to Bordeaux, stopping off for a quick pint at one of the many English pubs in Bordeaux, and stumbling in to bed to sleep like babies.

Arcachon is a day I’ll hold in my heart forever, as well as all the beautiful guys on Tinder.

À bientôt !