Salut !

September was an extremely long month for me. With every week that went past, it felt like it had been a month that had passed. So much has happened that it feels like three months since I left Bordeaux, not one. However, at the same time, I can’t quite believe I’m starting the third week of my final year already. It’s funny, because the first three or four weeks of the semester feel combined into one and time to work starts slipping away from you.

I did another year of Freshers’ helping this year, making it my third and final year. Living at home made it a lot more difficult to enjoy this time around, and because I was sober most of the time unlike the other years, I felt a little older and almost too old to be doing it. However, it was still lots and lots of fun, and I’m definitely glad I did it again and met more new people.

I’m really looking forward to my last year of being involved in the SRC at the University of Glasgow and my new position as Undergraduate Arts Convenor. I hope I’ll be able to help more students this year.

Also, plans changed a little bit this month, as I will now no longer be living at home, and have instead moved in with my friend Kirsty, in a new flat in Glasgow- post about this to follow!

I came back from Bordeaux the day before I wrote my 1 September post and I couldn’t even articulate my thoughts; I felt so out of place and my heart was still holding on to Bordeaux. I’ve gotten over that a little bit this month, purely because I’ve been too busy to even think about my life there. I’ve had around two days the entire month where I’ve just done nothing, zoned out, and chilled in bed all day. Every other day and night, I either have work, gym, someone to see or something to do.

I’m hoping October will keep me as busy as September, and I’m sure it will. This month I want to crack down on my health and fitness (I’m looking to lose a little weight before going to Australia for Christmas) and get my uni work completely on track, with a good dent of my dissertation done as well.

I’m starting off this month rather motivated to get shit done. October is going to be my month.

À bientôt !