Salut !

img_6076Christmas time in Scotland is one of my favourite times of the year, and the best place to be for Christmas in Scotland is most definitely Edinburgh. With miles of bars and shops to explore, fair rides, and excellent Christmas markets, Edinburgh has a very special vibe in December.

Because I’m heading off to Australia (amongst other countries) this Christmas, my girlfriend decided to create Christmas a little early for me and we took a day trip to Edinburgh.

img_6098It’s not Christmas time unless you ice skate, and so Liv had pre-booked us to ice skate in St. Andrews Square. Neither of us had been ice skating since we were children so it’s safe to say the first twenty minutes were interesting. However, we got the hang of it and were flying around (I may have dramatised this) the ice.

After an hour or so, we were rather sweaty – considering it was 13 degrees!! – and quite parched so headed to the bar in the middle of the ice skating circle for a quick pint before lunch.

After a couple of pints, we headed towards the Crowne Plaza for lunch, which was a bit bizarre. Firstly, when we went in they told us that they were having an event in the restaurant so they’d take us to the Club Lounge. It was a small room which they practically locked us in where one other couple were already on their starters.

img_6104Despite hearing every single thing the other couple were saying, we actually got on with them quite well so it wasn’t too much of a both. We had a lovely glass of prosecco to start and a nice 3 course meal accompanied by a glass of wine (and a pint for Liv).

The waitress then gave us a bill for £11, to which we looked at quite amazed. It turns out the other couple had pre-paid so the waitress assumed we had also paid, charging us only for our drinks! We debated whether or not to tell her, but instead gave her a nice tip and decided the global company didn’t need an extra £40 from two poor students.

After lunch, we headed up Calton hill a little tipsily which gave us some great views over Edinburgh and it’s Christmas market, and the firth of forth…




We then strolled along to the Christmas markets, which were definitely the best and largest Christmas markets I’ve ever seen in Edinburgh (and I’ve seen many throughout my years)…





My favourite part was the view from the bottom of Princes gardens, where the ice rink used to be. I think the tree maze adds a whole new level of pretty to the whole market…


And that was our mini day trip to Edinburgh. It’s great to spend time in cities that I’ve been around my whole life, and therefore don’t think to visit much. It was great fun and we had a concert in Glasgow to finish the night off, which made it an extra special day.

Now it’s time to get out of the cold and go travelling; Singapore, Brisbane, Sydney, Auckland & Dubai, I’m coming for you!

À très bientôt !