Salut !

Well, another year is over. We’re all saying goodbye to 2016, and looking to 2017 to bring better world changes, along with better personal choices. Just like every year.

I’ve actually been very sceptical about making any resolutions this year, and also avoiding trying to read my post last New Year. I’m not really sure why; I think it’s because I felt like I’d made a lot of promises that I didn’t keep and I felt bad about it. I hate not completing things.

However, having just read over it, it’s actually pretty reasonable and I feel a lot less guilty about making resolutions and having not kept the ones from last year. I’m only disappointed in myself for not having followed through with reading the Harry Potters. It feels like I’ve been saying to myself for years to read them and they’re not on the top of my list now that I’m doing a reading challenge for 2017.

Looking back over the year I get an instant feeling of sickness in my stomach. I don’t like what’s happening politically and socially on earth right now, and a lot of my future plans have had to be rethought because of Britain’s political situation. However, delving a little further into my year, I actually had a pretty awesome time.

I visited seven countries across three continents and have spent the last few weeks of the year with my second family out in Australia. I spent 4 months in Bordeaux and made life long friends. I’m on track for a great grade at university. I’m a lot happier in my body than I was this time last year.

All in all, not too bad a year to be summed up.

Looking forward into 2017, I’m a little scared. This is the year I finish education after 18 years of being in it and that terrifies me. The whole concept of not being in an institution doesn’t scare me at all, I fear more the weight on my shoulders of trying to find something that I actually love whilst also making enough money so I don’t have to live paycheck to paycheck. There’s something very bizarre in weighing up making yourself happy in the moment and planning for the future.

I’ve been very excited about the future over the last few months, desperate to get out of university, excited about all the prospects in countries across the world. However, as I’m reaching the end of my degree, the lack of money is really starting to bother me. My ultimate passion is for travel and I want to be able to do that as much as possible, but I’m starting to worry about at what cost, figuratively and literally.

I am interested to see where I am this time next year with making a decision about what I want to do next. I may still be in limbo, working a lot at home and earning money to go travelling, or I may be on the road in some country, whether it be the UK or across the world. Either way, I hope that I accept my decision and don’t let it eat away at me until I move on to better things. I’m trying to get better at acceptance and sacrifice.

I was considering ending this with a list of resolutions, but as I said, I’m not really feeling them this year. Since it’s my last day in New Zealand today, I think I’ll head out to a coffee shop nearby and do some work before I catch my flight back to Australia tonight (blogs coming soon!)

À bientôt !