Salut !

So I’m staying in Liv’s house and she has the cutest dog in the entire world, so naturally, I’ve been able to explore the beautiful Kentish countryside. Having heard great things about Kent and it’s beauty, I was expecting the lush countryside, but I wasn’t expecting to love the country life out here as much as I have.

We gathered our things and got Basil (the most beautiful dog pictured throughout) together and excited for a nice walk. Luckily, there’s a great patch of marshland right opposite Liv’s house so we could get right in to the peaceful, roadless ‘Garden of England’ just after closing her fence!

The walk starts down a beautiful little pathway that leads to a couple more houses.

Right next to the pathway is a gorgeous little Apple Orchard, which runs as far as the eye can see, and is very pretty even without the apples!


The walk itself was just great. Once we were out in the marshland, crossing little rivers of water and long fields with grass up to our knees, it was rather warm. And before I go any further – yes, I do feel like I’m Charlotte Brontë writing about my English countryside living.

However, the walk truly was reminiscent of some early 20th century novel set in the English countryside. Liv told me about a person who lived in one of the houses at the end of the path we first walked down who had lived there during the war. They’d told a story about how one night they saw a German plane and a Spitfire fighting it out from their window right above the marshland. I stood for a second and just imagined the noise and terror that they must have felt that night, watching the war right in front of them.

The German plane won, sadly.

She also told me about how because Kent is so close to London, it was quite badly bombed during the war, and all the houses were painted black so that foreign soldiers wouldn’t see their area as built up.

IMG_8201Can you even imagine all that? I certainly can’t as a relatively small-town, Scottish 22 year old. I spent the rest of the walk wondering what it must have been like during the war time, with American soldiers running around the marshland in the dark, the roaring noise of fighter jets passing by as you try to sleep. Mad.

Anyway, back to today, the marshland was beautiful and as was the walk. I’ve slightly fallen in love with this entire area and country living, and currently never want to return to Glasgow (with exams looming)!

We’re here till Thursday so I hope I’ll get to experience many more Kentish walks whilst I’m in such a beautiful part of the world.

À bientôt !

Look at how beautiful he is!!!!