Salut !

Tonight, after a long day of studying for my final finals (eek!) I’ve been chilling out and ended up just scrolling through my blog – something I haven’t done in quite a while. I noticed that a lot of my first posts were my take on topics and ideas that were circling through my head and I absolute love looking back on what I’ve written, no matter how badly it’s written!

So, I’ve decided instead of not writing posts because I feel like they won’t be interesting to anyone, particularly me in the future, I’m just going to write them! Why the hell not!

Right now, in my frantic search for anything to procrastinate me, and the dawning endless days of freedom after my last exam, Friday of this week, I’ve been doing a lot of good old Googling of random things. Firstly, I seriously want to learn Spanish, especially considering my love for French has dissipated over the past year. I also want to take up a new sport – which I’ve been doing since September by playing tennis – but I’m actually going to start taking tennis lessons instead of getting mad at Liv when she beats me! Another huge thing I’m interested in has been philosophy.

Anyone who knows me, knows that I’m quite a big thinker. I really think of the huge things – the type of huge questions that no one can answer – and I have as long as I can remember (I even wrote a blog post about being a ‘deep thinker’ *small cringe*).

Philosophers (I swear to god I just wrote philosophists and I had to Google ‘philosophy people’ in order to remember that people who study philosophy are philosophers. God help me!) should cut off this blog now, if you somehow stumbled upon this blog, as you will probably know everything I’m about to write. Considering I’m brand new to philosophical though, I’m finding the very basic things very interesting.

I found that these people deeply questioned their life at a time when not many people were thinking about these types of things, and that makes me very happy. I can’t even begin to imagine how many questions they must have had about everything, without access to travel out of their direct area, and without any form of sharing factual knowledge. Think about how much knowledge they didn’t have that is just a given in today’s society.

One branch of philosophical thought that really interested me was empiricism vs rationalism, a section of epistemology which is devoted to studying the nature, sources and limits of knowledge.

Empiricism is the argument that we gain knowledge from our senses and that sense experience is our only source of ideas. Their argument is that without the knowledge or information that our senses give us, we would have no knowledge at all. Rationalism, on the other hand, is the argument that our knowledge comes from reason and, without reason, we couldn’t organise or interpret our sense experience in any way.

Empiricism I found really interesting as I’d never thought about it before; without these five senses, we wouldn’t necessarily know anything about the world. But, then again, would we really be anything without our senses? Would we then not exist?

Then, I look at rationalism, and it makes so much sense as well. I’m not sure I like the term reason, but whatever it is that allows us to interpret our senses and know how to use them is also a form of knowledge.

Anyway, I find it super interesting, and also crazy to think of the nights that these philosophers must have sat or lay, with their minds running about life, just the way that most, if not all, of us do every so often. I suppose all of us are philosophers in our own way, and we each see life in our own unique little bubble; we will never know life from someone else’s perspective. Crazy.

À bientôt !