So, I signed up for the half-marathon in the Great Scottish Run which is on October 1st – eek!  I’ve never been a huge runner, but I’ve been obsessive with the gym previously. It was not a fun time in my life, but I was super fit. Anyway, recently I’ve been slacking and had no motivation to keep fit, but I have an astronomically better relationship with health and fitness. So, I thought a good way to keep my motivation and fitness up would be a half marathon. 

Follow this series for progress with my workouts and how I’m feeling each fortnight on my way to a half marathon! Here’s all the posts so far:

Run 1 (31/5/17) – 2.0 miles @ 10:46mi/m

Run number one! Well, well, well. It felt really good to get back in to it, but it was tough. I was with Liv and we managed a whole mile then walked a little bit of the second mile. The Kelvin river walkway is quite hilly so that was a little tough, and on my way back I took a wrong turn and went up the big hill that’s along the way, but I managed it! 

Despite the walk, I’m super chuffed I managed the whole two miles considering even one mile was quite daunting. I only need to do that 6.5 times more and I’m running a half marathon!

Run 2 (3/6/17) – 2.16 miles @ 9:46mi/m

I arrived in Rouen last night and I’m super excited about travelling! However, I knew I wanted to get a run in so I planned a run for this morning. It felt great to run along the Seine in Rouen and my first little bit was downhill so I was all good. I’ve noticed that the first half mile or so is the hardest, and after that I get more into it. Along the Seine was fine, and even as I turned around at two miles, I felt I could go further and be okay. However, I decided not to push myself too hard

By the time I got back to the roads, I was dying a little bit. There were some stairs and it was all inclined. I pushed myself so hard to not stop at two miles and keep going all the way to my Airbnb, the bit I had walked at the start. And I did it, whilst managing to cut my miles per minute by a whole minute! 

I’d like to see myself keep this pace. Even for the race, I feel 9:30-9:46 per mile would be a great pace. I’ve also got my new shoes which are excellent! I feel like I’m floating.

Run 3 (6/6/17) – 2.00 miles @ 9:20mi/m

Felt amazing today – I think running in Northern French countryside helped slightly! The start, again, was a little slow and I felt pain in my lower legs as I started. But after a mile or so, I got in to the flow and felt like I could go forever. I could’ve easily stopped after a mile and a half considering I was going on a weird route around the holiday camp we are staying at, but I stuck to the two miles.

Also, despite feeling like I ran this one slower, I still cut my average mile time by an additional 26 seconds and my second mile was faster than my first! Yay.

Run 4 (8/6/17) – 3.00 miles @ 9:16mi/m

Still losing time on my miles per minute which is amazing! I felt really good during this run as it’s a route I know and most of it was the route of the first run I did. 

I feel extremely, extremely proud of myself for getting up to 3 miles already and can’t wait for my next 3 mile run already!

Sadly, this practice fortnight ended with me being very, very ill and not managing to run. Also, my brother came home over the last weekend and I honestly could have fit a run in but was busy and very tired. I’m not beating myself up about it though, I feel I’ve done enough the past couple of weeks including walking tours, travelling and family things! So, all in all, I feel good about the weeks to come and feeling fitter and healthier every day 🙂