So, I signed up for the half-marathon in the Great Scottish Run which is on October 1st – eek!  I’ve never been a huge runner, but I’ve been obsessive with the gym previously. It was not a fun time in my life, but I was super fit. Anyway, recently I’ve been slacking and had no motivation to keep fit, but I have an astronomically better relationship with health and fitness. So, I thought a good way to keep my motivation and fitness up would be a half marathon. 

Follow this series for progress with my workouts and how I’m feeling each fortnight on my way to a half marathon! Here’s all the posts so far:


Run 5 (12/6/17) – 2.02 miles @ 8:45mi/m

This run felt great and I can’t believe how much I’ve cut my time by so soon. I felt great and even though I felt I was going quite slow, I went so fast!



Run 6 (15/6/17) – 3.0 miles @ 9:48mi/m

This run was HARD!! I struggled so hard to even get to two miles and then I stopped and walking a little bit, which brought my miles per minute down. I was doing a new route around the streets of Glasgow, so I feel this may have something to do with not doing as well. I’m already nervous for my next 3 miles!



Run 7 (19/6/17) – 2.0 miles @ 9:02mi/m

This one also felt very hard – Liv said it might be because it’s getting hotter. Personally, I think I’ve been smoking, drinking and eating too much shit so I’m going to try and be healthier! Feeling very motivated to sort my shit out!

I also need to just stop beating myself up. I got out and I ran. I’m doing great 🙂

IMG_8760Run 8 (21/6/17) – 2.01 miles @ 8:59mi/m

This run also felt hard; not as hard but still up there! I felt very out of breath for most of it and I could feel pain in my shins for most of the time.

However, proud of myself for managing under 9 minutes and feeling great for having gotten out there and done it!

IMG_8761Run 9 (23/6/17) – 3.5 miles @ 9:22mi/m

Well this felt incredible! I was losing all my hope that I’d even get close to a half-marathon before this run. I was googling people wanting to give up on the running and how to motivate myself to get out and run. I guess the best motivation for that is how I feel right now!

I’ve been really beating myself up the past few runs for not reducing my time each time again and it’s been getting me down. Before this run, knowing it was my long run of the week and I was getting closer to running a 4 miler, I said to myself that I’d go as slow as necessary and even if I had to walk, that was ok.

I started off really slowly, but it felt great. I was barely out of breath for the first mile at all and my body was just feeling great in general, and that continued for pretty much the whole run! For the last mile, my ankles were getting a tad sore which didn’t feel good, but all in all, I felt amazing the entire time! I really could’ve kept going. My new mantra: slow and steady wins the race!!

These two weeks felt great. I’m ready to start picking up the training in future weeks and sorting out my diet/smoking/alcohol intake!

À bientôt !