So, I signed up for the half-marathon in the Great Scottish Run which is on October 1st – eek!  I’ve never been a huge runner, but I’ve been obsessive with the gym previously. It was not a fun time in my life, but I was super fit. Anyway, recently I’ve been slacking and had no motivation to keep fit, but I have an astronomically better relationship with health and fitness. So, I thought a good way to keep my motivation and fitness up would be a half marathon. 

Follow this series for progress with my workouts and how I’m feeling each fortnight on my way to a half marathon! Here’s all the posts so far:


Run 10 (29/6/2017) – 2.56 miles @ 9:38mi/m

This run was a great one and one that I almost didn’t do since it’s graduation week and my back has been feeling funny all week! However, I got out there at 9pm and had a great time! 

After the first mile, I felt so great and felt invincible. It started to get a little harder and by the end, I was struggling a little bit to breathe! I had my dinner two hours ago, and I’ve been hungover all day after a few days of smoking so I feel this is great considering the circumstances.

I managed 4.5 days without cigarettes too earlier this week so I’m very proud of that! Now that all the graduation celebrations are over, I’m going to try and not smoke again for a while. Today counts as day one! 🙂

I’m looking forward to the next run already woo woo

IMG_8794Run 11 (1/7/2017) – 4.00 miles @ 9:07mi/m

This run was quite hard! The first two miles were pretty strong and I felt great but the last two were pretty hellish. The whole of the last mile, my ankle was starting to get sore and my breathing was all over the place. I feel like I’ve mastered my breathing for the first little bit, and as soon as my body gets tired, my breathing goes mad! 

This is my longest run yet, and I did a great time so I’m quite happy with the result! I managed to sprint the last little bit as well which is a complete bonus. Very proud of myself – I ran 4 miles!!

IMG_8795Run 12 (3/7/2017) – 2.50 miles @ 9:23mi/m

This run was GREAT, possibly my best run yet. I felt amazing pretty much the whole way round, and I still felt very strong at the end. I even did a gym session (shoulders and abs) with Mhairi after! 

When I started, the thought of being able to do more than 2 miles comfortably felt very far away, but it’s only taken me a month to get there which is great! 

My ankles and shins are starting to hurt regularly so I’m getting a little worried, but I feel like I need to get some yoga and stretching in during the week if I can. I’ve also not smoked or ate too much crap in a few days so I think that’s helped! 

IMG_8796Run 13 (5/7/2017) – 2.50 miles @ 10:02mi/m

This one was a bit slower but Liv was out with me and cycled along side me which was so much fun! 

We just had a huge Nandos an hour or so before and then got back to the flat. Because my last 4 miler was so hard, I was nervous and felt too full to go out. But… I decided to just do my 4 miler later on in the week and enjoy tonights run with Liv. Once I got out, I felt great. So, to future Jenny!! I know you’ll hate me, but just get outside and you’ll feel better for it! 

IMG_8797Run 14 (8/7/2017) – 4.00 miles @

This run was very, very hard. I did a leg session two days ago at the gym and I’m still feeling it, and it was actually a really warm night. However, I did it! Even the start was very slow, and I had to change my route up a little bit to avoid a couple of hills I probably wouldn’t have managed. At the end, I just circled a little bit of the Kelvin Walkway because I couldn’t really handle going any further.

I’m terrified for the 5-miler next week!

All in all, it was a pretty good two weeks. I’m pretty sure I only smoked 2 (maybe 3) of the days of these two weeks and I’m very proud of myself for running a solid 4 miles twice, without signs of real injury so far! I’m still praying I don’t get injured and the next two weeks are going to be hardddd with the 5-milers! This is when the hard work really starts, eek!

À bientôt !