So, I signed up for the half-marathon in the Great Scottish Run which is on October 1st – eek!  I’ve never been a huge runner, but I’ve been obsessive with the gym previously. It was not a fun time in my life, but I was super fit. Anyway, recently I’ve been slacking and had no motivation to keep fit, but I have an astronomically better relationship with health and fitness. So, I thought a good way to keep my motivation and fitness up would be a half marathon. 

Follow this series for progress with my workouts and how I’m feeling each fortnight on my way to a half marathon! Here’s all the posts so far:

Run 15 (12/7/2017) – 5.00 miles @ 9:00mi/m

Well oh my fucking god. This run was actually horrifically difficult. After 2 miles, I started to get sore and my body was just on a downhill spiral for the last three miles. 

I felt horrific for the last two miles and I was just taking one step after another, trying to focus on just moving forward. Interestingly, when I got my stats at the end of every mile, I felt a surge of energy and then it wore off after 30 seconds, and I felt like I was climbing a huge uphill battle for the rest of the mile. After stopping, I felt very dizzy and like I was going to collapse. I had to walk home very slowly! 

However, despite all the negatives, I did it!!! I ran 5 miles (in a great pace too)! That’s excellent. And very interestingly, my last mile was my fastest! That’s ridiculous. You can tell I was trying to just finish the thing ha!

Run 16 (15/7/2017) – 2.00 miles @ 8:49mi/m

This was HORRIBLE as well. I’m not even going to bother sparing you the gory details; I’m on my periods and I almost shat myself.

Basically, I got a mile in, my stomach turned for the absolute worst, and the second mile was me sprinting to find a toilet! Worst run ever.

Sadly, for the rest of this fortnight, my period was really bad to the point that it made me seriously ill. There was no way I was running whilst I felt that awful, so these two weeks were a slight failure. My diet was crap as well because I was feeling sorry for myself. However, having had a few days to reflect on this fortnight, I’m now feeling better, back in the zone, and ready to get it done!

À bientôt !