So, I signed up for the half-marathon in the Great Scottish Run which is on October 1st – eek!  I’ve never been a huge runner, but I’ve been obsessive with the gym previously. It was not a fun time in my life, but I was super fit. Anyway, recently I’ve been slacking and had no motivation to keep fit, but I have an astronomically better relationship with health and fitness. So, I thought a good way to keep my motivation and fitness up would be a half marathon. 

Follow this series for progress with my workouts and how I’m feeling each fortnight on my way to a half marathon! Here’s all the posts so far:

I’ve decided to just ‘redo’ week 6 of my training plan so I’m starting off again from my week 6.

Run 17 (27/7/2017) – 3.00 miles @ 8:54mi/m

Wow this was probably my favourite run yet! It felt a bit sore for the first half mile since I hadn’t run in almost two weeks but after that it was amazing. I did so many hills too, I really wasn’t shying away! 

I was scared before I started because I’ve been ill and not feeling 100% but I knew I needed to get out for a run. I told myself even 2 miles would be okay but went for 3 and I’ve never felt so good. The last mile, I really got in to my stride and felt invincible.

For once, I’m actually excited for the long run and this incredible feeling that I feel right now!

Run 18 (30/7/2017) – 2.00 miles @ 9:39mi/m

This run was pretty awful. I had drunk a little bit of wine earlier in the day, was feeling sluggish and it was pissing it down with rain! To top all of that off, I was running down a path where no one else was and felt like I was going to get murdered! I planned to do 5, but after 1 mile I just turned around. 

Run 19 (2/7/2017) – 5.00 miles @ 10:13mi/m

This run felt terrible. My legs started to hurt after 1.5 miles and I just felt like I could no longer go. Plus, once I stopped to walk the first time, my body just had to keep stopping and starting again.

I’m really struggling right now to see the 13.1 half marathon as something do-able. When I’m out running, a mile feels quite long, and I just think to myself ‘I would have another 12 of these to do. How the fuck am I going to do this?!’

Once I got it inside my head after the first 1.5 miles that I was going to have a shit run, I had a shit run. I was struggling to breathe whenever I was running and even motivational music didn’t pull me out of the shit. I really wanted to get a 10mi/m or less but it just wasn’t happening. But you know what, next time I run 5 miles, I’m just going to try and get that little bit better.

Also on the plus side, I ran/walked 5 miles in not too bad of a pace and burnt 680 calories. Plus, I’ve stopped smoking till the day of the half marathon!

Run 20 ( 4/8/2017) – 5.00 miles @ 9:06mi/m

This run was GREAT. I’m so happy I’ve run five miles without wanting to stop every single second of the way. I actually did it, it felt good and I’m getting there – yay! The run was at a great pace too which is super motivating. 

This fortnight I also did some exercise that wasn’t just running! I did a stair master session (my god!!) and a shoulders session (a very short one but still)! Over the next two weeks, I’m pretty busy, but I’d like to incorporate a few more training sessions that aren’t just running to get my fitness up.

My parents just booked me on their summer holiday in a few weeks too so that’s motivation to work out hard and eat less crap.

Only 8 weeks to go until the big day!!!

À bientôt !