Salut !

So tonight I went to The Stand comedy club in Glasgow, which I absolutely love, and I haven’t been to enough times. I usually go to the Stand on a Tuesday night, where you pay £3 for about 3 hours of comedy which is an amazing deal. Tonight, a Friday night, my girlfriend, Liv, and I decided to do something a bit different and go to the more expensive version of a Tuesday, where you pay £10 for 5 comedy acts.

The other 4 acts were great and we both were having a great night. However, the last act, Rudi Lickwood left us coming home angry and disheartened by the whole evening.

He started off well, we were laughing along as we had been and he made a joke about the fact that he’s black. However, as he continued on, it got a whole lot worse. He started to talk a lot about his wife and how much of a nuisance she was to him, and got in to a whole string of “jokes” that were completely anti-woman and anti-feminist.

He started by making several comments about how his wife had annoyed him, for example by taking over his sock drawer with her underwear, her “period” underwear. Oh, I’m sorry, do you not understand that woman go through an EXTREMELY NATURAL process every single month of menstruation and because WE FUCKING BLEED EVERYWHERE we need big pants that will mean we don’t bleed noticeably? Not that you would fucking understand. Because you’re a man. Who doesn’t bleed EVERY. SINGLE. FUCKING. MONTH.

To make it clear, he didn’t briefly talk about this point, he milked it. He was not only complaining about the fact that the underwear was in his drawer, but about the horrible stains that were left on her underwear. Like……. It’s her underwear, it’s her vagina, it’s her natural monthly bodily process that she CANNOT avoid. (Ughhhhhhh).

He had already pissed me off by this point. But his next chat about women was as follows, “We have some pretty girls in the crowd, but we have some ugly ones too”, or something similar to this. So are all women good for to look pretty for you? Do women only exist for men to look at, fantasise about, fuck? Oh, I’m sorry, some of us in the room aren’t good looking enough for your eyes? Do you think it is a woman’s purpose in life to be pleasing to your eye? (YOU ARE A FUCKING MISOGYNIST).

This was what really annoyed me. He called out in to the crowd to a woman and asked a question, which I can’t remember, but I called him a misogynist. He ignored me and chatted to the woman a couple of rows in front. He asked her husband, “How long have you been with this woman?” to which the man responded, “5 years.” After that, he acted so surprised that this man could have been with this woman for so long when she was so ugly.

Maybe, just maybe, one day Rudi will understand that women are more than their looks. Maybe they’re funny, or smart, or witty, or kind-hearted, or caring, or strong as fuck and we don’t all need to look a certain way that fits his idea of “pretty”. Maybe one day he’ll realise that a person can be with another person despite how they look, because there is much more to a person, INCLUDING WOMEN, than their looks.

Liv and I have been talking about his show afterwards and when a joke goes too far. Personally, I felt really disheartened that people were even still listening and laughing at his jokes after he’d made some of his comments towards women. I wondered how you could applaud someone who has such views. However, I do realise that different things offend different people, and, to be honest, it was probably only men still laughing towards the end.

Liv asked me if it would have been okay for the female comedian to joke about “ugly men” in the same sense that Rudi did. I did say I’d probably laugh, realising that the (only) female comedian of the night, Janey Godley, had made a joke about husbands and their beer bellies. However, she had told the joke questioning why women prettify and preen themselves to perfection when their husbands do absolutely nothing to make themselves look “pretty”.

Liv and I have come to the agreement that comedians can joke within their realm. Rudi is black. He can joke about being black because he understands the issues that come with it. Rudi, and any other fucking male specimen on this planet, should take caution when joking about women because they simply cannot understand the issues women face.

All that Rudi has done tonight is reinforce stereotypes of women today; we should be wives (to husbands of course; husbands that are probably out working all day by the way), and we should be just pretty enough that our husbands want to fuck us in any hole they’d like (sorry for the crudeness but I’m angry)(do we have a say in this at all?).

As you can probably tell, I’m extremely angry and Rudi has left a very sour taste in my mouth. I feel sick that a comedian in 2017 can only talk about women in relation to how pretty they are and nothing else.

I’m going to sleep before I email this fucking guy telling him to respect his wife and not pass any of his out-dated, misogynist views to his poor daughter.

À bientôt !