Salut !

IMG_0129It’s been a little while since I’ve sat down and wrote a blog, and I wasn’t sure if I would again. I do love sharing my thoughts and feelings at certain points in time, but I struggle to find the motivation to create something worth reading online.

Anyway, that’s not why I’m here. I’m here because I’ve moved country (again), but this time I’m a little bit further away from home; I’m in Ho Chi Minh, or Saigon as some people know it, in Vietnam! I arrived with Liv on the 5th January and now that I’ve signed a lease on a flat and I have a job, I suppose I’m staying for at least 6 months! Exciting. Terrifying. Disconcerting. Eye-opening.

A lot of people have asked why Vietnam?… and to be honest, there’s no real reason. We discussed moving to Asia, saw Vietnam as a good option, and now we’re here. It is an extremely beautiful city despite it’s flaws and I do feel very lucky to be here.

Moving to this city has been hard. Really fucking hard. When I moved to France, and to Budapest very briefly, I always had a reason to be there and a set of people to be my friends. Here, I don’t have either of those things which has made me feel a bit lost and disorientated. Last night I started panicking about what I’m going to do if this just doesn’t work out, and where I’ll go and if I’ll be happy with anything that I ever do or where I go. It’s just not a nice feeling to feel lost and alone in such a big place.

The hardest thing so far for both Liv and I has been not having any friends outside the two of us. We are very happy in each other’s company and we’ve been living together for over 6 months. However, we both have always had people we can call on to do things and get a drink or whatever. Here, we literally have no one; we get up and decide what we’re doing and just sort of go through the day with no real plan. It really is fine, it’s not the worst problem we could have, but we’re both really wishing we could call up a few people and just say “hey wanna grab a drink?”

Despite the not having friends part of moving here, I’m really enjoying being in this city and things are getting settled now. We have moved out of a hotel in to a permanent home and I start my job tomorrow – eek! It’s going to be such an adventure and I’m so excited for the next however long.


Things I like so far:

  • The heat: jesus it is nice to have some sun and some heat. I’ve only started acclimatising the last couple of days so if I’d written this three days ago, this would’ve been in ‘things I don’t like’. However, I’m now loving it.
  • The coffee: OK if you’ve never tried Vietnamese coffee, you haven’t lived. Basically, it’s very, very nice local coffee with condensed milk. Condensed milk! Amazing.
  • The greenery: despite the disgusting pollution from traffic and works in the city, it’s very, very green. A lot of the restaurants and parks make you feel like you’re in the middle of a rainforest.
  • IMG_0016The people: the people here are extremely friendly which makes you feel a lot better about moving here. It feels completely safe and no one has monumentally ripped us off or scammed us yet (I don’t want to be talking too soon).
  • The ramen choices: my god do the Vietnamese love instant noodles! Even in small shops, you have a choice of 100 different ramen. Amazing.
  • The price of beer (and pretty much everything else): a pint of beer will cost between £0.80 and £2 which is good for us Brits abroad – we have spent a lot of our time drinking! The price of food and taxis, and pretty much everything else, is also amazing.

Things I don’t like so far:

  • The pollution: the pollution (noise and air) is an absolute nightmare in this city. I’ve been ill since the moment I arrived because of all the fumes I’ve inhaled.
  • Meeting people: this is rather self-explanatory and not the city’s fault.
  • Mosquitos!!: my legs are in absolute bits.

I understand that there are going to be a lot of bad days in the future whilst we’re living here, but I also know there are going to be a lot more good days for us in this city. I can’t wait to see what experiences we have over our time living here and I want to share that on this blog, so stay tuned!

À bientôt !